Tram Track Bronchiectasis Signet Ring

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The tree in bud sign and the signet ring sign can be seen on ct. Tram track sign can be seen on ct and cxr.

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Cylindrical tram track sign.

Tram track bronchiectasis signet ring. Large cystic areas with a honeycomb appearance. Bronchiectasis is fixed dilation of part of the bronchial tree. Signet ring appearance when seen in axial plane saccular or cystic.

Cxr also plays a role in the follow up of bronchiectasis and management of exacerbations although cxr has limitations in specificity in diagnosing bronchiectasis and in detecting early or subtle changes it is useful for assessing more florid cases of bronchiectasis in cf and in follow up of bronchiectatic patients. However many cases of bronchiectasis are difficult to appreciate with chest radiography. The signet ring sign is seen in bronchiectasis when the dilated bronchus and accompanying pulmonary artery branch are seen in cross section.

This description applies to dilated airways seen in a horizontal orientation. According to macroscopic morphology three types have been described which also represent a spectrum of severity. Tram track lines parallel to each other.

Take a look at the signet ring to get the idea. Tram track opacities are seen in cylindrical bronchiectasis and air fluid levels may be seen in cystic bronchiectasis. Dilated bronchi with straight and usually regular outlines.

A diameter greater than 1 5 times that of the adjacent vessel suggests bronchiectasis. These only describe the appearance of the involved airways but do not elude to a specific cause. Certain descriptive terms have been used in reporting of bronchiectasis.

The diameter of the bronchus lumen is normally 1 1 5 times that of the adjacent vessel. Thicker than bullae of emphysema. Let us correlate it in the ct scan.

Overall there appears to be an increase in bronchovascular markings and bronchi seen end on may appear as ring shadows 8. Ballooned appearance of bronchi may have air fluid levels. Chest x rays are usually abnormal but are inadequate in the diagnosis or quantification of bronchiectasis.

The bronchus and artery should be the same size whereas in bronchiectasis the bronchus is markedly dilated. Treatment focuses on alleviating symptoms and preventing exacerbations and includes pulmonary physiotherapy and antibiotics to treat underlying infections. Bronchi have a uniform calibre do not taper and have parallel walls tram track sign and signet ring sign commonest form 14.

High resolution computer tomography is the best diagnostic test and shows thickened bronchial walls a signet ring appearance and tram track lines. In moderate to severe cases a tram track appearance of parallel and ringlike opacities related to the thickened walls of dilated bronchi and tubular densities related to mucus filled dilated airways can be seen at chest radiography.

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