Tram Track Lines On Chest X Ray

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Bronchial wall thickening is a common finding on children s x rays. Chest x ray showing enlarged azygos vein.

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Tram track sign annotated in a 65 year old male with diagnosed bronchiectasis secondary to dilated bronchi within both lower lobes.

Tram track lines on chest x ray. The anterior mediastinum in front of the heart contains the thymus gland. Tram tracks are caused by bronchial wall thickening and can be detected on a lateral chest x ray. Chest x ray showing calcifications.

Case discussion the tram tack sign seen on this chest x ray denoted thickened non tapered walls of the cylindrical bronchiectasis. This description applies to dilated airways seen in a horizontal orientation. In d the same appearance could be also described in a ct of a patient with cystic fibrosis.

The tram track sign may be explained by the presence of thickened bronchial branches on radiographs black arrowheads in a and b which reproduce a tram line appearance clearly shown on c. Implies non uniform bronchial dilatation. Cylindrical tram track sign.

The usual causes are viral infection or asthma but this is a common finding with cystic fibrosis. Chest x ray showing kerley septal lines. The dilated airway lies adjacent to a pulmonary artery branch giving the appearance of a ring varicose.

Tram track sign parallel line opacities tram tracks caused by thickened dilated bronchi seen on chest ct bronchiectasis defined as localized irreversible dilatation of part of the bronchial tree causes. Bronchial wall thickening is a common finding on children s x rays. The coronal ct image shows thickened bronchial branches cylindrical bronchiectasis.

What was seen on the chest x ray it is nothing but the tram line appearance unable to spot it here comes the modified image. Usual caused by viral infection or asthma but also cf. This describes airways viewed in a transverse plane.

Chest x ray demonstrating tram track sign. Tram track sign chest tram track sign may be used in chest radiography or ct to denote the thickened non tapering parallel walls of cylindrical bronchiectasis. It should not be confused with other tram track signs elsewhere in the body.

Look for tram track parallel lines around the hila. Chest x ray showing calcified pleural plaques. Now compare the previous x ray with the one above here are few examples of tram line shadows.

Parallel linear densities tram track opacities. Infection bronchial obstruction endobronchial tumors encroachment of hilar lymph nodes foreign body aspiration cystic fibrosis primary ciliary dyskinesia immunodeficiency. Chest x ray showing costochondral calcification.

Small consolidated area in lower ul or upper ll resolves leaving small calcified node ghon focus. Look for tram track parallel lines around the hila. The term tram tracks is also used to describe the basement membrane duplication found on light microscopy that is characteristic of membranoproliferative glomerulonephritis mpgn type i.

Diagram of vascular pedicle.

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