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The veins can be difficult to access and the vessels are also prone to hematoma formation. Less should be removed from ill birds.

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The site has a series of natural depressions over the vein that serve to allow the blood to pool.

Basilic vein bird. If the vein requires one second to refill then the bird is severely dehydrated or is in shock. The basilic vein also known as the cutaneous ulnar or wing vein fig 2 is visible just underneath the skin as it passes over the medial surface of the elbow. The basilic vein which is readily visible as it crosses the ventral aspect of the elbow of all avian species is the vein that is traditionally used in poultry.

Lancing the basilic vein in birds under 100 gms avoids subcutaneous hematomas and the possi bility of death due to exsanguination. If the basilic vein can be seen to refill then it is estimated the bird is approximately 5 dehydrated. The basilic vein is particularly useful in larger birds like raptors or in species that lack a featherless tract over the jugular vein such as pigeons and waterfowl.

The depressions are formed by the insertion of the second. Basilic vein also known as the cutaneous ulnar vein this vein courses over the medial surface of the proximal ulna. Ulnaris vein lancing arrow.

In a normal hydrated bird the basilic vein should instantaneously refill by the time you take your finger off the vein. It is an excellent site for phlebotomy in hawks pigeons and chickens but is very prone to forming a hematoma especially in parrots. The vein is punctured with a blood lancet after being swabbed with alcohol gratzl und koehler 1968.

Unfortunately intravenous catheter placement in birds can be challenging. In this video watch avian specialist bob doneley of the university of queensland perform basilic venipuncture in a bird. Use this video clip or text with still images to review the equipment needed the technique involved and potential venipuncture sites including the jugular vein medial metatarsal vein and basilic or ulnar vein.

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