14th Century Bascinet Helmet

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Worn with an aventail then later with a gorget. This helmet model is a copy of a real life medieval helmet bascinet which was copied from the medieval miniatures.

Bascinet North Italian Late 14th Century Royal Armouries Medieval Helmets Century Armor Medieval Armor

14th century bascinet with a laser cut visor.

14th century bascinet helmet. 1330 to protect the exposed face. These caps were also called bascinets or cervelliere though cervelliere was sometimes used in period literature to mean the lining padding of helmets. Continue this thread.

The medieval battle bascinet offers its wearer a historic take on head protection. Often worn without a visor a visor face guard was often employed from ca. The visor is removable.

14th century antique bascinet helmet armor steel medieval knight black helmet. The word bascinet was derrived from the ancient french word baycin a water basin bowl. Got my new helmet yesterday.

Helmet bascinet mid 14th century ah 10 03. The bascinet also bassinet is a war helmet of 14th century it can be considered as a specialised form of the cervelliere. Get dressed for battle offers some variations of the bascinet which arose in the 14th century.

This 12 gauge steel helmet features a slightly pointed sugar loaf shape and a hinged visor a common style of head protection for knights of old. 18ga medieval bascinet hounskull pig face helmet klappvisor battle helmet y744. I originally put 14th century style but i changed it because i didn t think anyone would be so pedantic.

The origin probably lies in a variant of the brain hood which was worn as additional protection under the large pot helmet. The bascinet was a type of revolutionary knight helmet during the transitional period. Contemporary illustrations show a majority of knights and men at arms wearing one of a few variants of the bascinet helmet.

The 14th century bascinet developed from the steel cap worn under the great helm of the 13th century. Under constant development this type of helmet was in use until the beginning of the 15th century. Reconstruction of the german style bascinet with klapvisor of the second half of the 14th century.

It was introduced in italy in the first quarter of the 14th century and remain very popular across europe for the next 200 years. The bascinet both with and without a visor was the most common helmet worn in europe during most of the 14th century and the first half of the 15th century including during the hundred years war. Because of the shape of its skull it is called onion top.

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A German 14th Century Bascinet In The Met Courtesy Of Chuck Davis S Cool Site Medieval Helmets Historical Armor Century Armor

Bacinet The Lyle Bacinet Late 14th Century Bascinet With Houndskull Visor And Aventail Royal Armouries Collections Helmet Medieval Helmets Century Armor

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